Friday, February 5, 2010

Back to Work

She is just so cute that I can hardly stand it! I think she looks a lot like her Daddy in this picture.

We have almost made it though our first week at daycare and work. It is terrible to have to see her stay with someone else all day long, but so far it has been going okay. I still cry when I think about not being there with her all day long, but it is starting to get easier. It just makes me look forward to the evenings and weekends that much more! We are heading to the in-law's house this weekend so I will have the opportunity to just hang out with her for the majority of the weekend. (As opposed to being at home where I feel like I need to do laundry, scrub floors, etc...) I can hardly wait!

I am still pumping breast milk for her and have been worried that since I am not able to pump every two hours while at work (which is how often she eats during the day) my supply will diminish. I started the week pumping twice while at work, and have realized that I need to pump at least three times. It is so very inconvenient, but it is the best thing for Elizabeth so I will continue to do it as long as I possibly can.

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