Friday, July 1, 2011

(One of) Daddy's Favorite Places

One of William's favorite places is the river.  We are pretty lucky that we live so close to the St Croix river as it is so beautiful!  Awhile back, we decided to go have a picnic at the Lion's park and bring Elizabeth to see the river.  On a side note, this is the same park that we had the rehersal dinner/picnic for our wedding and I have many memories of playing in this park as a very young child.
We walked through the park along the river and she got to play on some of the playground equipment there.  It didn't last long because it was so wet from the recent rains that there were puddles under most of the equipment and she wasn't thrilled about sliding into a mud puddle!

So then it was to the boat landing to splash her fingers in the water and throw the rocks into the river.  She loves to throw the rocks.  I am not sure if it is the actual throwing part that she enjoys so much, or the splashing when the rocks hit the river.

Daddy and his girl posing on a rock at the edge of the beautiful river.  It was such a wonderful picnic, and I can hardly wait to do it again very soon!

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