Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Garden Frame Building

The two smaller raised bed frames. They are still upside down in this picutre because we had not finalized placement of them yet in the yard.

This is the backyard before the frames were set in place. I planned on putting them directly behind the garage. Wesley decided to chew on a stick for most of the morning when we were building the frames. He is the BEST dog ever!!!

William was instrumental in helping me build the frames. They were very heavy and we had to build them on the cement, then carry them to the backyard. While I know how to use the miter saw, William is much more confident with the saw and so I graciously accepted his expertise and help. I am not sure if he realized how much work it would take, but he didn't complain once. I think he could almost taste the fresh tomatoes that we will grow in the gardens. That was incentive enough for me!!! (Okay, so my weakness is the strawberries, but they will be ready to eat in a couple years)

I will post a picture of the set frames and then when we are filling them with dirt once I get the camera back out to the back yard.

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