Sunday, June 1, 2008

Planting My Garden: Finished Pictures

After an hour or so of planting, we were finished. We decided to clean up an head inside to escape the mosquitoes. We ended the day with a supper of beef roast, mashed potatoes and asparagus with a Dijon cream sauce. For dessert we had homemade banana chocolate chip muffins and big glasses of whole milk! Yummy!!!

All four raised beds, with the Herb Garden in the front.

The tomato/pepper/eggplant garden.

A close up of the tiny eggplants and peppers. There are three bell peppers, one red pepper, one jalapeno and two hot peppers that were given to me by my next door neighbor. He said the seeds came from the second hottest pepper in the world and because he saves the seed from these plants every year, they have morphed into a milder pepper (similar to a jalapeno), but that every year they taste a little different. I am excited to try them this year. There are also five eggplants. Four are Itchiban plants and one is from the neighbor, and I am not sure what type it will turn out to be.

A close up of the pepper plants.

Connie & Stacy after the planting was complete. They look like they had a good time, don't they?

I am so excited to see how the plants grow. I keep looking out the kitchen window and William keeps telling me that they are not growing yet. I keep telling him they are growing, it is just a very slow process... He just laughs.

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