Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Kitchen Transformation

Do you ever have one of these days? You wake up and this is what your kitchen looks like. You go to work hoping and praying that when you get home, the mess will have been cleaned up?
You work your 8- 10 hours, come home and this is still what it looks like!!!!
The Messy Kitchen
Then, after an hour or so of working at it, the kitchen looks like this! How rewarding!!!

The Clean Kitchen

I absolutely love my kitchen when it is clean and organized. It has taken me over 4 years to get to the point where I am satisfied with it. I would like to think I am just being happy with what I have, but I know that I have put a lot of time and energy (and mega $$) to get it to this point.

Well, since the housing market is horrible, I guess I won't be selling the house and I will get to enjoy the fruits of my labor!

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