Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gardening Update

The Tomato, Pepper and Eggplant garden is doing GREAT! It looks so beautiful. If the tomatoes grow any larger, they might not fit in the garden anymore! All four plants are growing together already! I am so happy that things are doing so good!
There are a lot of jalapenos on the plant! We will definitely have lots of salsa and even some spicy tomato sauce!

The leaf lettuce is coming up sporadically still, but it is looking much better. It will soon be ready to eat! I can hardly wait for a good salad from our garden!

My first tomato! It is going to be so tasty (once it ripens and grows larger than a grape tomato!)

There are so many blossoms on the zucchini plant that I hope we get a lot of zucchini. I like to shred and freeze so I can make zucchini bread in the winter.

I am also growing mosquitos in the back yard. I was out for 20 minutes weeding tonight and even with bug spray on I had about 10 bites when I came in the house. I HATE mosquitos! If I didn't swell up like I had bee stings, it probably wouldn't be so bad!

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