Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Air Conditioning Rant for the Day.

Do you have air conditioning? We don't have a central system in our home, but do have two window units that are available to be put in, we just haven't done it yet this year.

I hate air conditioning more than I hate humidity, so I usually do not even turn them on unless it is close to 90 degrees in the house. (This will probably change next summer when there is a baby sleeping in the house?) I hate going between inside and outside and having the temperatures change so drastically. It always seems to give me a headache. Does it do this for anyone else?

I didn't have air conditioning when I was a child (we did get it when I was closer to high school age) and survived just fine. I know lots of older people who don't have it and still manage to stay comfortable on MOST days while wearing overalls and long sleeved shirts to boot.

Are we just that spoiled that we don't want to enjoy the great warm weather God has given us during the summer? I know I look forward to it all winter long...

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  1. I would die without air conditioning. We set it at 75 at the beginning of the summer and don't look at it again until Fall. It has been 100 everyday here in Kanasas and with the humidity and heat index that is 110 degrees! I've never even considered not running the a/c. It's just too hot.


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