Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recovery from Flu...

Any suggestions for a quick recovery from the worst flu ever? I have had it for the past three days and while I am starting to feel better, my energy levels are so drained that even walking up stairs takes every ounce of energy out of me! And I have to walk up the stairs at least 6-7 times per day (and that is just at work)! Any suggestions for getting me back to normal quickly would be appreciated!

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  1. hey amanda - so you're at work? does that mean fasting is not an option? usually after a 24-hour fast, i feel much better. i've also done just raw food for a few days and seen symptoms disappear. or, what about a homeopathic remedy? i don't know how close you are to a Whole Foods or health food store, but there is a line of remedies you can take in small pellet form (just dissolve them under your tongue - no taste!), and they cost about $6. i just took some today for anxiety as I've been pretty stressed. definitely worked. =) keep us posted and feel better!


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