Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pregnancy Update: 24.5 Weeks

After an eventful morning where I almost passed out twice at work, it was highly suggested by the ladies in my office that I go see my Midwife today to make sure everything is okay. After talking with the Midwife, it was determined that everything is okay, and that a combination of things contributed to the dizziness and almost passing out.

I have really low blood pressure, so when I sit for long periods of time, the weight of my uterus puts pressure on some major vessels (or arteries, I can never remember which does what function) and because the blood pressure is so low, the blood can't make it back to my upper body and I get dizzy then start to pass out. So I just have to keep moving and not sit in one spot for too long. That shouldn't be a problem (except for the 8 hours a day at work...). I think I will just be sitting on my exercise ball at work a lot more than the few hours a day I was already using it.

But, at least everything is okay with the baby. She had a good strong heartbeat and apparently doesn't like the Doppler instrument they use to hear her heartbeat. She kicked/punched at it three times in the 15 seconds they had it on my belly. And they were much stronger movements than I have previously felt, so it was neat to feel her getting stronger!

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