Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Update

Left to Right: Amanda, William, Leann, Ed, Suzie, Jeremy & Leslie

The rain stopped long enough to have a beautiful outdoor wedding on Friday night. Everyone had a great time and I hope Leann & Jeremy are having a great time in Mexico on their honeymoon!

We awoke early on Saturday and headed off to a garage sale where Suzie treated us to some baby clothes and bedding at great prices! I looked through all the great deals we got again yesterday and it makes me even more excited for the baby to arrive!

The wiffle ball world series was an excellent gathering, where for the first time in it's five year history, the World team actually won 6-5! It was a heated game and everyone seemed to have a great time, even the losing Minnesota team. William hit the ball that helped score the winning run, so of course he was smiling from ear to ear and was very proud of himself. I didn't play this year (as the humidity was unbearable for non-pregnant people) as I was afraid I would swell up like the Michelin man and be forced to go home to a cooler house to recover.

It rained on Saturday night, so everyone headed to bed fairly early and it was wonderful to be lulled to sleep by the raindrops on the tent and beautiful lightning brightening the sky as I drifted off. We could have done without Wesley getting up to throw up a few times (he ate a bunch of grass, part of the contents of a grease bucket, and who knows what else) but luckily William is very quick when he hears a dog throwing up next to him, so there was only one incident inside of the tent... I even went to the latrine by myself in the middle of the night. Usually I make William go with me because it is scary at night in the woods. I must have had to go really bad!

The weekend was capped off by a great relaxing afternoon/evening spent at home on Sunday doing some laundry and napping! Can it get any better than that?!

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  1. Hey Amanda!

    I wanted to leave a comment and say hi! I LOVE the title of your blog! We also used to live in a teeny, tiny, non-Mapquest-able town (it had 503 people...then 500 when we left, LOL). What a beautiful photo in this post!

    Have a blessed week!



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