Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

I am physically very worn out today. Contractions are getting stronger, but still don't have any consistency to them. Everyone is scrambling at work to get the knowledge out of me that they need in order to cover for me while I am gone... I wonder if they know something that I don't?

I am looking forward to our Expectant Parents class tonight at the hospital. We are practicing breathing techniques among other things. William and I need to review a few sheets of reading material before class tonight, so I am hoping to get out of work a little early so we can get everything in that we need to before we have to leave for class. We must remember to bring pillows to class tonight.

Still haven't packed the hospital bag(s)... One of these days I will get around to it! Yes, I am still procrastinating.

Sam the Cat tried to sleep in the bassinet again last night. Not sure how we are going to break him of that. I do know that I need to wash all the linens so that his smell is at least gone from the bassinet. Maybe that will be a start.

Tomorrow afternoon is another appointment with the midwife. I don't feel like I have any questions this time around. Last week I had a whole page full... Maybe I got most of them out of the way. Maybe nothing different happened since I was there a week ago. Now, I just need to relax and realize labor is going to happen when it is supposed to. Just because I am ready, doesn't mean the baby is!

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