Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am almost nine months old

Miss Elizabeth is almost 9 months old.  Some interesting facts:
  • She has two bottom teeth and is working on one of the top ones.
  • Scooting has now become a word in our vocabulary.  Crawling isn't far behind...
  • She gets her legs stuck between the slats of her crib in the middle of the night.  Then she screams as if she is hurt.  She isn't hurt.
  • Last night I heard her mumbling in her crib at 3 AM.  She was sitting up looking around her room apparently waiting for me to come get her and give her milkies.  Which I gladly did.  (Did I mention I LOVE nursing her and will have the hardest time giving it up?)
  • She loves her nuk.  We may have issues with getting rid of it before she is a year old (which is what we planned on doing from the time she started using one.)
  • She is a happy camper.  No really, she was sitting in the tent this weekend clapping for herself because she was such a good girl when we went camping.  I have it on video.
  • Her favorite food is plain yogurt.  And roasted red pepper hummus.  And milkies.  Not necessarily in that order on any given day.
  • She has been making noises like a frog lately.  If she starts singing about princesses and frogs and kissing I am going to have to stop calling her Princess Elizabeth.  She may be taking me too seriously.
  • She cannot go to the store without people stopping to tell her how cute she is.  Sometimes she flirts back, sometimes she started the flirting.  Watch out Daddy!
  • She loves to pee on her changing table when we take off her diaper.  Extra laughs and smiles if she pees on Momma's hands.
  • Splashing in the ducky bathtub is a fun evening event.  Especially if she can get one of us with the splashing.
  • She loves Uncle Bryce, but then again, what kid doesn't?
  • She tried to throw herself into the bathtub a few weeks ago (did I mention it still had water in it?).  Needless to say, she can pull herself up to a standing position on her own now.  Keepin' Momma and Daddy are on their toes!
  • She is the cutest and best baby in the whole world!  Just saying...

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  1. I just found your blog. Your baby is adorable!! we have a grand daughter that just turned nine months its a wonderful stage!!! And very busy too!


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