Monday, December 20, 2010

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Party

Enjoying having "Happy Birthday" sung to her by her family!

Elizabeth had her first birthday party at our home on her birthday this year.  She had such a good time playing with all her new toys and her cousin Leslie.  She got books, play food for her kitchen, clothes and many other great things.  I know if she was able to she would thank all of you for the great time she had and for her presents. 

Elizabeth and her homemade carrot cake!
She was such a dainty eater when it came to eating her cake.  She barely even got into the actual cake, she mostly just ate the homemade cream cheese frosting and the chocolate chips.  She even used her utensils from her play kitchen and not her fingers (at least not her fingers for the most part).  We were all ready for her to dive head first into her cake but she didn't.  She was such a little dainty girl.  As dainty as a one year old can be!

We can hardly believe we have a one year old already!  I have enjoyed watching her grow so much this past year and feel like we are just getting to the exciting part!  She is starting to say Dada when she sees Bill come in from outside but will only say Mama when she is crying and needs comfort.  Oh well, I am sure I will hear Mama plenty in the years to come! 

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