Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June ~ Is it really the end of June already?

So my ankle is finally better.  This is the first week I haven't been wearing the air cast.  Dr. Onnie gave me some pressure point therapy to do and it is working wonderfully!  It hardly hurts when I do the therapy now. 

Elizabeth has not coughed during the night for the past 5 nights!  I am so thankful for this.  Granted, she is still sleeping in our bedroom in her pack n play, but everyone is getting good sleep, so at this point I am grateful and will deal with transitioning her back to her bedroom next week.

It also seems like Elizabeth has gained a couple of pounds.  She is still a little peanut, but now she feels like a more "solid" peanut!  We are so grateful that she has started eating again and will even eat some chicken (if it is a chicken nugget).  We are purchasing the Applegate Farms brand so at least she is getting some healthier chicken than a conventional brand.  Plus she is able to be eating gluten again and she is loving her peanut butter sandwiches!  Her attitude is better and she is such the helper around the house. 

For her birthday this year I am going to have to ask for little girl "cleaning toys" so she can help Mommy.  Last night she stole my broom as I was sweeping the kitchen floor and she wouldn't give it back to me.  She was actually trying to sweep with the broom that is 3 times her height!  She throws her diapers in the garbage, puts her shoes back in their place in her room and she loves to help with laundry and cooking dinner.  I think her own little apron, broom, dust pan, vacuum cleaner and feather duster would be great gift ideas.  William calls her a mini-me and says she is turning into a compulsive cleaner just like I am!

She isn't saying many words yet and her pediatrician has recommended that she have a hearing test to rule out any hearing issues.  So next Tuesday, we will head to the hearing center to have that done.  I am sure all will be fine, but they just want to be sure.  She will probably be the kid who starts talking in full sentences and then doesn't shut up for the next 20 years.  When ever she starts talking is fine with me.  I do notice that it frustrates her now that she cannot communicate clearly what she needs or wants, so we are starting to enforce the rule of before we give her something, we clearly state what it is and see if she will mimic us and say the word. 

We have friends coming into town this weekend for our little town celebration so it will be a great Friday night hanging out with them.  I can hardly wait to entertain at our house.  This weekend is something I look forward to every year.  I love having people at our house and feel bad that we can't do it more often.  After this weekend, the next time will probably be for Elizabeth's second birthday in November. 

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