Saturday, July 2, 2011

Small Town Parade

We had our local parade on Sunday.  It was Elizabeth's first "real" parade where she was able to go pick up candy from the street as it was thrown to her.  And of course, because we were sitting at the beginning of the parade route, there was lots of candy.  I am not quite sure what to do with all of it that we brought home.  She can't eat 90% of it (due to choking hazard) and I don't want to eat it either!

She had so much fun at the parade!  Every time someone would throw the candy her way, she would scream in excitement before running out and getting a piece.  It was precious.  It was also fun to see William get excited when they threw salt water taffy.  It is apparently his favorite candy because when they threw it, he would run out into the street to get it!

Auntie Stacy and Uncle Kelly joined us for the parade.  Elizabeth enjoyed getting up on Auntie's lap every now and then for a cuddle.  She was so sticky by this point that no one really wanted to hold her or touch her.  She had her first tootsie pop and it was so messy!  I think it finally got thrown away by one of the adults after she dropped it on the sidewalk and it was covered in sand.

Uncle Bryce and his girlfriend Leah also came over to watch the parade with Elizabeth.   Elizabeth loves Uncle Bryce so it is always fun to see them play together and bond.  It is probably one of my favorite things to watch her do as they play with such gusto!  (A lot of the time he just chases her around and she screams and laughs!) 

It was a great afternoon for a small town parade.  Not too hot, not too sunny and the parade didn't last too long!

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