Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Garden Update: August 9

Our gardens are just not producing much of anything this summer.  I went out to check on the gardens over this past weekend and was only able to pick a small handful of strawberries and 5 green beans.  Granted, we have had green beans for the past month and the strawberries are very late in the season now, but I am still disappointed in the production levels compared to prior years.
Our lettuce is starting to bolt and the green beans now appear to have a few blossoms on them so hopefully we will get enough for a few more meals of fresh eating.  The peas in the background (on the lattice) are done producing. 
It appears we may get a couple heads of cabbage from the 5 that are planted.  I still want to try to ferment a crock of sauerkraut later in the season.  We will have to see what we get.  If not enough to do that, I may just have to eat it fresh.

The carrots seem to be growing good.  William pulled one out of the ground the other day to eat and I just had to laugh because when he tried it, he said it was terrible.  I told him that we have to wait until after the first frost to pick the carrots and he said that he hoped that would help because they sure were bad tasting now.   I planted the same kind that I did last year and those were excellent (picked after two frosts) and they were just the right amount of sweetness.
The strawberries have really gotten thick this year.  It has been good to see them flourish and spread out to cover the entire bed.  Last couple seasons they didn't get thick like this at all. 
My poor tomato plants.  They are so scraggly and the leaves are just not doing well.  They are all curled up.  I think they must have needed a good fertilizer earlier on in the year and they didn't get it.  I am also thinking that my soil must not be the greatest anymore as it is very dry and doesn't hold together much (even after a good rain).  I may want to dig all of it out and replace it for next year.  I bet it would help a ton.

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