Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miss Elizabeth

Elizabeth is doing well and is enjoying being able to be outside as much as possible these days.  She LOVES going to the park and says "slide, weeeee!" as she gets ready to go down the slide and even when she sees a slide.
She still loves to ride in her car and it is her preferred method of transportation around town these days.  Luckily with the park a half a block from our house, it isn't too hard to let her enjoy her ride to the park in the car.

She also loves the merry go round in the park.  She doesn't want to hang on much when it is spinning and of course cannot be on it when any other kids are on it, but she still loves spinning around and around and around.
She went on the teeter totter this last time with Dad and had a blast.  She wouldn't sit on the seat, but instead sat on the metal tube.  She was very tipsy, but didn't fall off.  Daddy didn't let her get too high either, so that probably helped. 

We pulled out Elizabeth's pool over the weekend and she and Wesley had a great time cooling off together.  She sure loves the water and wants to play in it every chance she can get.

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