Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pregancy Update: 20 Weeks

I can hardly believe we are already halfway through this pregnancy!  While I am still dealing with nausea on a fairly regular basis (I thought it would be over by now) it may just be part of this entire pregnancy.

I still am at a negative weight gain (which you would never guess from the terrible photo below.  William and I must work on our photography skills or I will never post another picture of pregnant me again!) but am occasionally starting to feel hungry again so I am not having to force myself to eat ALL the time.

I still don't think Libby really understands that there is going to be a new baby coming home with us in a few months, but hopefully we will be able to work with her on this one.  She does know where the baby is (she pats HER belly instead of mine) and hopefully this will be the first step to getting her to understand a little more.

20 Weeks Pregnant

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