Monday, January 23, 2012

Libby's Big Girl Bed

This weekend we drove into the city to search for a big girl bed for Libby.  We went to a couple stores and finally decided that one at IKEA was best suited for our needs.  So we headed over to make our purchase and pick it up.

Here is Libby waiting in the truck for William to load the bed and mattress into the back of the truck.  It was getting to be lunch time and she was hungry, so we had some fruit snacks and a granola bar to tide her over until we could find a restaurant to eat at.  She was a happy camper watching her DVD of Thomas the Train and Curious George while making our way to the city and around between stops. 

William got everything loaded up and we headed to some friend's house to meet up and head to lunch.  After a yummy lunch at Champps, we headed home and Libby finally took a short nap.  Unloaded all our purchases at home into the garage and now it is to wait until we have time to put it all together as the beds never come assembled...  Thankfully, William is fairly handy at this type of thing and we are not in a rush to get it done, so he can work on it in the evenings as time permits. 

I am so excited for Libby to be in her big girl bed!  Now I just have to purchase linens for it and we will be all ready to go!

Here is the link to her new bed!  Just in case we don't get it put together for awhile!!!

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