Monday, January 23, 2012


I always knew that William would be a good Father.  While he doesn't always do things the way I would do them, he gets the job done in his own way.  Which is really what parenting is about, isn't it? 

The other night I came downstairs and found William reading to Libby.  But not only was he reading to her, this book has things for the toddler to find on each page and he was having her point out these things on each page.  Apparently she was doing a great job because it didn't take long for them to move onto the next page and begin the next scene (scenes include the bathroom, the dentist office, swimming lessons, a birthday party, bed time, etc...)

She is learning so many new words every week.  Sometimes she speaks in broken sentences already.  It is just crazy how fast she picks up these new things!

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