Friday, February 17, 2012

Mommy's Helper

Libby loves to help me with the tasks I do around the house.  Anything from laundry to sweeping is fair game and I usually can't get away with not letting her help (as she throws a fit).  Which is okay because she is learning how to do things she will need to do as she grows up.  Yes, it does take me a lot longer to accomplish tasks when she is helping, but it is worth it to know that I am helping her learn on a daily basis.

One day last week she wanted to help me with the dishes.  At first I thought she just wanted to play in the water, but as it turns out, she picked up the wash cloth and started cleaning a fork!

Cleaning the fork...

Then it was back to the spatula...

Then it was back to playing in the water with the spatula. 

She always wants to help with laundry (I hand her wet clothes and she puts them into the dryer) and sweeping (she sweeps my dirt pile with her broom...) and the other night she pulled out her vacuum cleaner and made Daddy carry it upstairs to help me because I was vacuuming up there.  Needless to say, she is learning a lot just from helping out with these simple tasks.  Plus, I am getting to spend some time with my girl, even if it does almost push me over the edge every time she tries to sweep away my dirt piles...

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