Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  I took Friday off work to spend the morning with Libby and we packed up to head to Grandpa's house in the woods. 

Libby helped pack her own bag (which consisted mostly of pulling items out so I had to re-pack them) but she was so proud she was able to help.

When William got home from work we loaded everything up into the truck and headed out for the long journey north.  After three bathroom break stops on the way there (one which included ice cream) we finally made it in time for dinner.

The next morning Libby decided to take her nap early (with the assistance of a relaxing baby massage) and she was so cute falling asleep on the living room floor.  She ended up sleeping there for a couple of hours.  She was so relaxed, I just couldn't bear to move her and risk waking her up.

Later that afternoon, Auntie Leann gave in to Libby's request for a swimming pool, so the two of them drove into town and purchased an inflatable pool.  Libby had such a blast swimming and playing in her pool in Grandpa's yard.  She stayed in there for quite awhile and I eventually had to pull her out because she was shivering.  It was only in the 70 degree range and the wind made it feel much colder than it really was. 

We also were able to play a little mini-golf in the yard thanks to Danny's "Executive Course".  It was fun to try and hit the balls around and through his obstacles. 

It is always such a good time to hang out with Danny and Jenee!  Getting to see them two summers in a row was unexpected (and for the sake of argument, I wish it was next summer we were seeing them instead of the reason that brought them back this summer) but it was great to see them none the less.  A couple trips out in the fishing boat were also enjoyable for those that were able to partake (my bladder doesn't allow me to be away from a bathroom for more than an hour or so I wasn't able to go with). 

And thankfully, on the way home we didn't hit the bear that almost ran out in front of our truck.  That would have been a game changer for our family as it would likely have totalled the truck, put airbags in William and my faces and possibly sent me into labor.  Someone was watching out for us because that bear turned at the very last second and we were able to miss it. 

It was a great weekend and wonderfully relaxing!  I wish I was able to have such a wonderful weekend EVERY weekend!!!

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