Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Night-Time "Cuddles"

Libby doesn't want to sleep in her bed anymore.  She wants to sleep with me.  Or it will suffice if I sleep with her in her bed.  I don't have the energy to fight with her about the situation.  I know that I am the enabler in the situation (after all, who wouldn't want to cuddle with the cutest little girl in the world when she tells you "Mommy stay") but I need to stop letting her get her way.  She is big enough to fall asleep by herself and has had no problems doing it in the past.  Maybe she senses the changes coming???

Thankfully, it has been Daddy to the rescue.  He has been extremely instrumental in assisting in her bedtime routine lately.  Especially on the days that I have no energy left.  I am so thankful for him!  And I know he is excited for me to get back to my "normal self" that is full of energy and ready to serve my family.  Things have been sliding a lot lately and I am ready to get back into a routine.  Granted, it will be a very new and complex routine, but a routine none the less!

Of course, in the middle of the night last night, she woke up crying and calling out for Mommy.  I heard her get out of bed and start walking towards me.  She went to the wrong side of the bed and when she realized it was Daddy there, she got angry and ran over to my side.  I took her hand and walked her back to her bed and crawled in with her to help calm her down.  An hour and a half later when I woke up again I crawled back into my bed to finish out the night.  I just hope she doesn't get the idea if she wakes up in the middle of the night and comes and gets me that we can always have cuddle time then...

Granted, as we were walking back to her bed, I was thinking about how grateful I am to be her Mommy and how much I LOVE being the one who can comfort her in her time of need.  Seeing her look into my eyes and know that she feels safe and secure is such a wonderful, reassuring feeling as a Mom. 

Adding a newborn to this dynamic is going to be so very interesting...

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