Friday, September 28, 2012

Consignment Store

After work this afternoon I am heading to the local consignment store to see about selling some clothes the kids have grown out of.  We have a great little store in Lindstrom that facilitates this and I love shopping there for kids clothes. 

They pay cash for clothes from the 1 - 15th of the month and give store credit the 15 - 31st, and since I need to buy them more fall and winter clothes, I am going to get store credit.  Eddie needs a jacket and hat along with some larger warm clothes to sleep in and Libby needs socks, pj's, long pants and maybe even some shoes.   I have purchased Libby's Halloween costumes here and also purchased her "dancing dress" here last spring.  The only issue is that they do not allow returns, so if I am not positive an item will fit her, I can't buy it. 

Then on my way home I will stop at the local thrift store and drop off two more large garbage bags of clothes off for donation.  The consignment store only takes seasonal clothes, so all the great summer clothes they have grown out of cannot be brought for consignment now.  I could hold onto them until March or April, but I would rather just get rid of the majority of items and just keep key pieces to hold on for that time. 

I have no idea what the store will give me for the consignment clothes, but anything is welcome and will help get us through this winter with the growing kids!

The local consignment store in Lindstrom is NOT buying any items this month.  There is a huge road construction project currently going on and business has significantly decreased.  Once the road opens up at the end of this month, they will again be purchasing items.  I will be saving my bags of clothing and will take them to sell at the beginning of the month.

Now if I could just find time to shop there this month for Eddie's hat and jacket and some socks, pants and PJ's for Libby!  I need to make it there soon! 

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