Monday, October 1, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Another Monday and it is already October.  Where has this year gone???

I am looking forward to this weekend in the woods.  It helps that an extra day off from work doesn't hurt too!  Eddie has his four month well baby visit on Thursday so I am excited to see how he is progressing.  I don't read books on where he should be developmentally because I don't need that kind of stress, so I simply use the appointments to make sure he is on track with milestones.  Of course I think he is a genius baby! 

I did get a lot accomplished this weekend including a great visit with my Mom and Great Grandma on Saturday.  My house is almost clean, the laundry is never ending (I think I did close to 10 loads this weekend and still didn't get it all done) and I feel fairly refreshed!

As a note to myself, here is the dinner menu plan for Monday through Thursday:

Mon:  Coconut Chicken Soup, Green Salad with Balsamic
Tue: Miso Chicken Wraps (Grandma Connie over for Dinner)
Wed: Chinese Chicken Salad (to use up remainder of head of cabbage...) Bill's Bowling Night
Thurs: Scalloped Potatoes and Ham (Crock Pot), Broccoli (Eat before leaving for the Woods)

I got the basement fairly clean on Sunday morning (still need to clean the shower and take apart the dryer and vacuum out the lint that has collected inside it and the exhaust line) and daydreamed about purchasing my new washer and dryer.  The one I want is HUGE and could do almost two times as much in one load as I can currently do (current washer overflows when I fill it all the way) so it would be so nice to be able to do less loads per week! 

We found Libby five new pairs of shoes this weekend from my cousin's garage sale!  My Aunt JoAnn purchased them for her as an early birthday present so she is all set for winter now!  (We even found one really cute pair for Eddie too)  Plus Libby absolutely loves one of the pink pairs of shoes.  Now she has a dancing dress AND dancing shoes!  So cute!

JoAnn also gave me my birthday present early (I am her God-Daughter so she always gives me gifts at my birthday and Christmas, even though I tell her it is not necessary).  She always comes up with the coolest ideas for gifts.  This year I got fresh lettuce greens with a whole bunch of assorted salad toppers and dressing.  She said that one of these nights her garden is going to have a hard freeze, so she wanted to bless me with some fresh greens before that happened!  I also walked away with a package of pork chops, pint of vegetable soup, half pint of jalapeno jelly and some dried lavender and homemade soap.  She calls her house the "Plantation" because she has so many gardens and spends so much time preserving her harvest.  It is really quite the set up and she has an abundance of great produce to share.  Her son Chris lives with her and helps out a lot so it isn't just her doing all the work.  Chris is really into "saving the world" (as JoAnn calls it) and is the king of re purposing and reusing things.  Even their raised garden beds are made from branches and fallen trees.  It is very cool.

The best part about the whole weekend?  Playing in the leaves with Libby at Great Grandma's house.   She loved it (and so did I)!

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