Monday, October 8, 2012

Libby's First Shooting Lesson

While we were up north this weekend, we took the opportunity to do a little target shooting.  It is always fun to shoot new guns and I shot our muzzle loader for the first time.  It startled me a bit so the gun jumped, but I did still hit the target.

Bill also helped Libby with her first time shooting.  She used a 22 caliber rifle without a scope and she was not afraid of it at all.  Of course, Bill actually pulled the trigger for her because she is way too young to actually shoot a gun herself!  But it was great to see her be interested in the whole process.  She will get to do it again next weekend at my Family Shoot if the weather permits.  Currently it sounds like we may get rain!
Bill explaining what to do.

Lining up the sights.

Did I hit the target, Dad?
Eddie slept through the whole process (even when we shot the muzzle loader)!  {For some reason the computer will not let me upload the picture of him, so I will try to do it later.}  At his 4 month well baby visit, he was almost 16 pounds!  Such a big boy.  Plus I think he is beginning to teethe because the drool is constant and he is chewing on his hands all the time!  He can now sit in his bumbo chair for short periods of time and fairly soon, I will begin him on rice cereal mixed with breastmilk.  He wants to eat so bad, so I figure within the next few weeks we will let him start learning the process.  Where has the time gone???

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