Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Final Resting Place

We spread some if Wesley's ashes this weekend up at Ed & Suzie's house.  Wesley loved being there and you could always find him along the edge of the woods, so it was fitting to lay him to rest there. 

Libby was a very good helper.  I really don't think she realized what she was doing, but she was happy to help and wanted to spread more than we did.  We still plan on spreading some of Wesley's ashes at a few other locations that he loved to be at including out at Camp and on Big Sandy. 

After we were done with that sad task, we headed down to the clearing for a campfire.  It was so nice to sit out in the woods and enjoy a small fire with family.  Even Suzie felt up to coming down and sitting with us which was awesome!  It is so good to see her still being able to enjoy the simple things as she fights her battle with cancer.  She is so strong and is such a good fighter! 

And just because I can, here is one of my handsome boys relaxing together!

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