Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What is left to eat???

After a lengthy visit to our holistic doctor/chiropractor this week, it has been highly recommended that Libby cut dairy out of her diet (at least temporarily until her cold symptioms go away or she develops immunity to school children sharing germs that give her said colds) and that Eddie cut out gluten (which I had already been dabbling with) because he cannot tolerate it in the breastmilk.

Translation:  My two favorite food groups are off limits or restricted to certain family members.

Translation:  How do I cook without dairy and wheat?

Translation: $$$$$ for substitutes until I can figure out how to make substitutions or find new recipes.   

So, I guess meat, healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables it is for our family.  Wait, Libby doesn't eat meat or vegetables...  Can a kid survive on apples, almonds and peanut butter on a spoon?  I guess we will be finding out.

On the bright side, it will be easier for me to enforce than for Daycare.  Almost every snack they have there contains wheat and/or dairy...

Put another check mark on the list as to why I should be home with the kids instead of working.  But, I digress.  I must now go home and make dinner.  Out of what, I don't know yet. 

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  1. That was my first thought when someone tried to tell me to go paleo - what do we eat?! But we tried it for the short term, and now have stuck with it, mostly, for a year and a half. Let me know if you need ideas for kid's school snacks, I have to deal with the same thing!


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