Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday Nights with Grandma Connie

It has become a ritual at our home that every Wednesday night while William is bowling on his league, Grandma Connie comes over to keep us company.  We eat dinner, play together (hide and seek and running around the house are two favorites) and often have a dance party.  Last night was no exception and the bluegrass music was just perfect for dancing!  Let me tell you, I have the cutest dancing daughter in the whole wide world.   

Grandma came bearing gifts of clothing for Elizabeth and Edward (clearance finds mostly for $1 a piece at Walmart) and a special treat of a crown for Elizabeth.  She loves that crown.  She put it on and we just had to take pictures.  Unfortunately, with in ten minutes or so, she broke it during a tumble over a blanket she left on the floor.  I am currently out of super glue so until that is replaced, the crown sits broken on our bookshelf.  Every time she walks by it she mumbles something to the effect of "I broke my crown".  Then she will go into how she broke her piggy bank.  She broke that thing over 3 months ago and she is still super sad about it.  Maybe it is just because it hasn't been replaced yet.  Grandma Connie said she would try to find her a different one for her birthday.

Here are some photos of last night's festivities. 

Miss Elizabeth in her new dress from Grandma Connie with her Crown!
Edward in his jump-a-roo.  His little feet barely touch the ground!
Grandma Connie and Miss Elizabeth
Grandma Connie with Edward
During Play Doh time.  Elizabeth made us a flower.  Can you see it?

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