Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning with the Schulze's

An assortment of photographs in no particular order!

Libby showing me her teeth while smiling.  Goof ball.

Libby and her new ballet shoes.

Eddie opening one of his presents with Auntie.  He seemed to know what to do!

Eddie's Noah's Ark Little People.  He will enjoy chewing on them.

Every boy in Wisconsin needs a tractor.  Check that off the list.

My handsome guys.  Eddie also cut his first tooth on Christmas Day.  What a trooper he is.  No fever, no diaper rashes, just needed a few extra cuddles and nursing.

Eddie playing Santa Claus.  He has the cheeks for it.

Our stockings.  Which we forgot to open until right before we had to leave...

Libby and Auntie reading National Geographic.  It was the magazine of the morning!

William and Eddie relaxing on the couch.

Libby and her LeapPad from Grandma Sue.  She has been enjoying it each night.

Eddie and Auntie.  I still can't believe how well he did at opening presents.


  1. Awww sweet photos! I love the little ballet slippers :)

  2. My Weston received the Noah's Ark for his birthday this year! We're all enjoying it.

    And, I'm a bit jealous of that awesome ride on tractor...that will be fun for years!


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