Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Photo Cards - Or My Attempt at them....

I tried to take some pictures of the kids the other night so we could send out some photo cards for Christmas.  Needless to say, my photos didn't turn out that great!  Here is a sampling of the best...

Does she look like she did something to make him cry?  Maybe pinch him?

Be still my heart.  I just want to cuddle him.

Her funny smiles never cease to make me laugh!

This is what I get when I tell her to stop talking.  She talks more...

Not a bad one, but Eddie looks a little dazed.
The absolute best one I have from the whole session.  Unfortunately, you cannot see Libby's face very well.

Since it is so close to Christmas now, I will be lucky to get out New Year's Cards to everyone...  Maybe we just skip cards this year. 


  1. Too funny! I think it would be hilarious to send out cards with these photos. Everyone would get a kick out of them :) And that 2nd photo makes me want to cuddle with Eddie too - he looks so sad!

  2. Such sweet children! I always struggle getting Christmas photos too...I think it is virtually impossible to get one with everyone smiling, but to be honest, sometimes I think I like the "real life" ones better.
    Have a great weekend!


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