Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Hanson Family Christmas

We had a small gathering this year for the Hanson Family Christmas.  Brandon and his family didn't come as about half of them were sick (that means there were 14 less people there with just his family missing!).  We appreciated them not sharing their germs with us, as we have enough of our own!

Didn't get too many pictures of this event this year as I spent most of the time enjoying and relaxing with the family.  It is always so nice to get together with this side of the family.  I am so glad our traditions have continued and hope they do well into the future as it is always such a good time!

Libby wouldn't let me take her picture, which is why there are not any photos of her.  I wasn't sneaky enough to get any when she wasn't looking either...

Eddie watching video Uncle Jed took of him playing on the pole.

Hanging out after dinner in a chair just his size!

Eddie playing on the pole.  Auntie Stacy would lift him up and he would slide down like a fireman!

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  1. That chair is just his size! Very cute. My parents have a pole like that in their basement and it has been a source of entertainment for all the kids for years!


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