Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas with Grandma Connie

Grandma Connie came over this week to give the kids their Christmas presents.  It was good for her to have the one on one time with them because if she would have brought the presents to the family gathering on Christmas Day, she may not have been able to play with them and the toys.

Christmas 2013 with Grandma Connie

Eddie opening a present

Libby opening a present

Libby's Bunny Hat

Eddie contemplating where to begin playing with the Lego's!
They got two big packages of large Lego's (with a storage container!), winter hats, Christmas ornaments with their photos in them (love these!!!) and Libby got a Rapunzel dress and butterfly wings.  They also both got cards that play music (their favorite!).  Eddie also got his wall plaque from Uncle Bryce that states his name and birth details for his bedroom.  So nice to have one of these from him for both our kids! 

She also gave me a book (Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul), a block of cheese, salami, crackers and two handmade rice bags to help keep my feet warm in the winter.  I used them last night.  Once on my neck and one on my chest to help get some heat into my chest to help break up the congestion I have from my cold.  

The card she gave me reminded me of the church she grew up going to and when I told her that, she told me that she thought the same exact thing.  The church isn't there anymore, it was burned down by some teenagers a couple years ago.  So sad to loose another 100+ year old church building with such history.  But the card brought back many memories for me of that church.  I always loved attending services in that building. 

It was good to see the kids enjoying all of the presents they received.  I really like breaking it down into smaller gatherings so they don't get as many items at one time.  This way they can actually play with each toy and the people who gave them the gifts can see them get used and played with!  I hate it when kids open gifts and toss them to the side and start looking for the next gift.  Annoys me to no end. 

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  1. I bet the kids loved getting some gifts early! I know it was always so special when my mom would let us open one gift early each year. I always looked forward to that :)


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