Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Feel Hopeful. Maybe I Should Cut That Out!

Old Photo of our House...  But the green shrubs and grass sure looks nice compared to the two feet of snow that is there now!
I feel hopeful. 

Our realtor showed our house yesterday.  It has only been on the market for one week. 

The young couple said they really liked it (except for the fact it doesn't have closets...  which I hate too!) and they wanted to go home and crunch the numbers to see if it would work.  They also looked at a house across town that was less expensive (by about $10,000 less, but they thought it felt like "Grandma's house" whereas ours felt like they could move right in without doing any updates!)

I am hopeful, but I am trying to not get those hopes up too much! 

Plus, when it does sell, I have to find a different place to live.  SCARY (but exciting too!).

Today I am looking through my seed book (www.rareseeds.com) and starting to make my list for what I am going to order.  Even though I may not have a garden this year (if the house does sell and the new place doesn't have one already!) I still need to look at some beautiful green plants and dream of spring and getting my hands down into the cool soil to plant!  So below are some photos of my garden from 2009.  I can hardly believe that was almost 5 years ago already!

Raised Beds

Lettuce & Flowers


Corn, Sweet Peppers, Peas

Green Beans - Yummy!

Herbs & Flowers

Sammy Cat lounging by the Garden

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  1. That is so exciting! I hope they will be able to make an offer on your place. How amazing would it be if you sold it that fast! The first time our house was on the market, we had NO offers in 9 months. Got a new realtor and relisted and had an offer in 5 days!

    PS - We added in the slate tiles in the front and back entryways last summer when we redid the floors. I love them!


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