Friday, April 4, 2014

A Day Off...Kind Of -

Decided to stay home from work today due to the snowstorm.  Just didn't seem like fun venturing out into the wild with the kids in the back seat with a foot or more new snow on the ground.

So I set up my laptop on the kitchen table, remotely logged into my office network and got to "work".

Seemed to actually work better than it has previous times - only kicked me off the network a few times and I think that was more problems with my Internet connection at home than the office network.

Worked for a few hours and then headed outside to help the kids blow off some steam in the snow.  Eddie tries to do everything his sister does, but he just couldn't keep up in the deep snow.  Finally William had enough of the driveway cleared that Eddie played in that spot for quite a while.  After about an hour outside, we came in and had some lunch and then the kids went to their bedrooms for afternoon quiet time. 

I headed back to the kitchen table to "work" some more.

Connection died a little bit later again - so I decided to go to the Co-op and pick up some groceries.  Made a list and headed out the door. 

Cleaned up the kitchen (with William's help) upon my return and after getting all the groceries put away, I finished up the remainder of my "work" that I could do remotely and am ready for a peaceful evening at home with the family.  Planning to make pizza for dinner and possibly watch a movie - likely while folding baskets upon baskets of clean laundry. 

Some photos below of our snowy morning recess -

Miss Libby
Mr. Eddie
Queen of the Hill
He's down...
Still down...
Almost up...
He made it back up!  Only to repeat the entire process about 50 more times!
Is my garden ever going to be visible???  My seed starts will need to be transplanted twice before I can plant them out here...

A blessed day for sure.

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  1. Awww, Eddie had some problems standing in the snow! Haha. It looks like they both had fun. I'm glad you were able to stay home with them and do your work from home.


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