Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garden Harvest - July 16

We had a great garden harvest last night for this early in the year (Zone 3).

  1. Enough garden peas for a meal (blanched and frozen last night)
  2. Enough kale for two large pots of soup (blanched and frozen last night)
  3. Two cucumbers - which will be sliced and eaten on crackers tonight
  4. A few small carrots from thinning out the patch (most were eaten directly in the garden!)
  5. Enough beans for two large meals (my absolute favorite summer vegetable!)

I am going to get everything possible out of this garden before August 15 when we have to be out of our house for the closing.  Everything I can get my fingers on will be preserved or eaten.  Of course, the garden looks great this year too - hopefully the new owner will appreciate it. 

Eddie and Libby helped me pick the green beans - Libby picked beans, Eddie picked plants.  I know he wants to help, but it is hard for me to see him pull up an entire plant that is heavy with blossoms, knowing we will not get to eat those beans!  He also tried to pull out my sunflower plant.  Luckily, I stopped him in time!

On a side note, so far my use of grass clippings as mulch to keep down the weeds is working wonderful.  I need to have William save a few more loads to mulch the kale and carrots, now that they are properly thinned.  Should have had him do it last night when he mowed!

I am going to miss my little garden.  But I am going to enjoy creating a new one!

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