Monday, August 18, 2014

An Empty Shell

We closed on the sale of our home on Friday, August 15, 2014.  It had been our home for a little over 10 years.  We took a beat up and neglected house and turned it into a home.  It will always be the place that helped me grow into a (more) responsible adult, Wife and Mother.

An Empty Kitchen
Many delicious meals (and some not so great - lemon pepper tilapia comes to mind!) were prepared in this kitchen and served at our little round table.  Our kids began to learn to eat solid foods at the table.  We had conversations, birthday parties and arguments in this kitchen and around our table.  Wesley the dog ate cookies off the table and begged for food while on this floor.
Dining Room Table is gone
We spent time together as a family watching television in our living room, pizza picnics on the living room floor and even slept here a time or two when we were sick or had sick babies that needed to be held through the night.
Empty Living Room
When Elizabeth was born, she had jaundice and we spent time in the sunroom trying to get as much natural light on her little body as we possibly could.  My jade tree lived in this room for many years before it finally grew too large.  Our kids put on their winter jackets and snowpants here to get ready for outdoor adventures.  Many adventures.
Bare Sunroom.
It was very sad to see our home empty.  I was hoping that once all our belongings were out of the home, it wouldn't feel like our home anymore.  I was wrong.  It still felt like our home. 

The memories we made in this little home will be with me the rest of my life.  And I realized that I wasn't envisioning my stuff in the home - it was the memories I could still see there.  And since I get to take those with me, the home will always be mine in a small way.  Even if I don't live there anymore.
Our Home - February 2004 to August 2014
Now it is off to our next adventure.  For two weeks, we are living in a basement until we can close on our new house.  The first few nights have been rough, but I have hope that we will thrive and come out of this mini-adventure with a new-found appreciation for a place of our own.  Even if we are starting all over again!

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