Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Elizabeth's 5th Birthday Party

What a wonderful celebration we had this past weekend in honor of Elizabeth's 5th birthday. 

It was so good to gather with family and know that everyone there truly loves and cares for our beautiful little girl!  She is such a joy to have in our lives and I am so blessed to be her Mom!

Singing Happy Birthday

Our homemade carrot cake - with carrots from Auntie Stacy's garden this year.

We smoked a couple chickens and some ribs and had scalloped potatoes, roasted mixed vegetables, baked beans.  Simple yet delicious.  The best way to have meals.

Auntie Leann with the kids

Presents were thoughtful and she loved every single one of them!  Especially everything Frozen themed!  She is a huge fan and has seen the movie many times.  She is such a fan of Elsa that when I was listening to Idina Menzel's Christmas album in the car the other day, she heard it and said Queen Elsa was singing Christmas songs to us!  Now that is a devoted Queen Elsa fan to know her voice!

Opening one of her Frozen themed gifts!

Grandpa, Libby and Auntie Leann waiting to open gifts

Libby and Eddie relaxing after the party.

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