Friday, January 2, 2015

Kitchen Faucet - Getting Rid of the Leak!

We took advantage of our local Menards 15% off bag sale (in combo with a gift card received from William's sister for Christmas!) and purchased a new kitchen faucet.

The old one leaked and honestly, everything in our house is builder grade and I really needed to do something small to remind me that I can (and will) turn this home into something that isn't quite so cookie cutter!  It seems that when you buy a newer home these days, unless the initial builder/owner had the money for the upgraded finishes, you get bare bones basic everything.  And this house fits that description!  But it also leaves tons of room for me to put some great ideas I have into play.

Our beautiful Moen faucet.  The wall is not green... Not sure what happened with the lighting to make it look that awful green color!

In our last home we purchased our first faucet where the sprayer pulled out of the faucet itself - this one is the same, only a little higher quality.  Even though the sink itself is in pretty bad shape, we will try to shine it up with some wet/dry sandpaper and see if we can make it last until we decide to fully remodel the kitchen (should that ever happen!). 

After a leak in the sink drain (William think he bumped it and that likely caused the leak) he fixed that drain and now it is working well again.  I am so happy to have a new faucet that doesn't leak and is pretty as well!

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