Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Goal in 2015

I am keeping things simple this year.  One goal (that has two parts). 

Create the 1) garden space and 2) plant a couple things in the orchard.

Simple, yes.  Easy, no. 

I still do not know where I want the garden to be.  I don't know how big I really want it to be (but I do know I want it big).  Makes perfect sense, right!

For the orchard, I know I want a couple (more) apple trees, a pear tree, a raspberry patch, a strawberry patch, some blueberry bushes, an elderberry bush and probably other things too.  I also need to get an asparagus bed started as it takes 2-3 years to establish one and I hear they can be very difficult to start.

Then we start in on the herb portion of the garden... 

And the idea to have a small greenhouse that is about 10' X 16' in size - I need to see if it is okay to build one of these - not sure if our covenants restrict this type of building.  I want one very similar to the one the Elliott Homestead built this past year.  It is beautiful and would be a welcome addition to any gardening lovers plans!  Can you imagine how early I could start vegetables and how late I could harvest them?  Wow.  What a wonderful addition if I can make it happen!  If I can't do a permanent structure, maybe a smaller portable greenhouse (like this???)

I am really excited to begin this process and planning where everything will go and how we will accomplish it!

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  1. I like your goal! I've always wanted an orchard with lots of fruit trees. A greenhouse would be amazing as well. Best of luck with your garden planning!


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