Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 - Journal

Today, I am...

 ... thinking about fall.  Feeling the nesting instinct and wanting to make the home cozy and warm as the weather turns cooler.

 ... thankful for my father-in-law who came for the weekend and helped William sheetrock our garage.  They made it further than they thought they would, so that is great progress.

 ... from my kitchen 4 loaves of banana chocolate chip bread.  Yummy.

... reading my planner.  Trying to get the week figured out.

  ... hoping for a long fall season!  I need to get the two additional garden beds that Sue made this weekend (Thanks, Sue!) put in place and then filled with soil.  So excited to have this done so when spring arrives I am ready to plant vegetables!

 ... creating a clean house for the week.  Spent a lot of the day on Sunday cleaning the kitchen and getting the house ready for this week. 

  ... hearing the sounds of heavy rain on the roof. 

 ... around the house a couple of my jade plants are dying.  I just transplanted them into bigger pots this summer, but it seems that the soil they are in cannot hold any water.   I may need to put different soil in if I can't get them to revive.

 ... seeing paperwork pile up.  Need to work on way to control the clutter - possibly pull the filing cabinet from the closet and set up in the living room? 

A few plans for the week...
Financial Management Meeting
Workout 3 Times
Chiropractic Appointment
Campfire with the Ladies from Church?

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