Sunday, January 30, 2011

January at Our Home

We had a fairly uneventful January.  It was wonderful!  Elizabeth and I made it to church most Sunday mornings and we had a great time spending time with Grandma Connie, Uncle Bryce and Auntie Stacy while there.  William ended up working at least one day every weekend at the bar.  But he was able to get in a few snowmobile rides too.

Elizabeth is running around like like a pro now.  She is into everything and we are loving it.  William keeps catching me looking around at the bunches of toys strewn around the living room and when he asks me what I am looking for I tell him "a maid"...  

She is still loving to play with her kitchen and her bag of walnuts (from my kitchen) but she is loving her books even more now.  When we talk about changing her diaper or taking a bath she runs to the stairs now.  She is learning to listen to us and understands some very basic words.  Milk, diapers, bath, food and car seat compose her basic vocabulary these days.  She is a very smart little girl.

It is still very cold and snowy here in Wisconsin and so we haven't been spending as much time outside as I would like.  It is just so much work to bundle Elizabeth up and get her outside for a few minutes, that I just don't do it.  Hopefully as we start getting some warmer weather (over 30 degrees would be great) and some longer days we will make it outside for short walks.  It would be good for both of us!

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