Monday, May 5, 2008

A Great Weekend

It was a great weekend.

William and I went into the city to have dinner with some friends. We ended up going to my favorite restaurant in Minneapolis (Pepitos) and then went back to their house and watched a DVD of a funny comedian.

We then went to William's Mother's house and stayed the night with her. Had breakfast on Saturday morning and then decided to drive to his Father's house and do a little shopping on the way there.

We ended up having lunch at his Father's out on their beautiful deck. It was a beautiful afternoon and I am very much going to miss going to that house when they sell it this summer. I lived there for a year while going to college and loved studying on the deck. It was the year I got a perfect 4.0. I studied really hard!

Then we drove home and I took a nap. It was an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Ended up going to my Sister's for dinner and watched a movie at her house while the men took a walk over the land to see where the pond was running over the road.

Ended up sleeping in on Sunday morning and I baked bread and muffins for this week. I also baked some chicken with the idea that we would have it on pizza for supper, but we ended up hanging out at another friends house in the afternoon and went out to supper with them in St Croix Falls.

So, we got to see a lot of our friends/family this weekend. We didn't get much done at home, but it was still a great weekend!

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