Monday, June 23, 2008

Deck Progress

William worked so hard on the deck all weekend. I am so proud to be the wife to such a hard working man! He started early Saturday morning (waking me up, but I needed to get out of bed as it was 8 AM already) and worked until he had to go to his part time job on Saturday night at 6 PM. He ended up not getting off work until 2:30 in the morning and on Sunday was up by 8:00 and started working again.

William's Dad and Step Mom came from Brainerd for Sunday to help him with the deck, so the men worked on the deck and the women cooked (they had brought an array of great food for our lunch, and we were so grateful as we didn't have much of anything we would have been able to cook for them!). We had a great day! I even got some laundry done and hung on the line, but the intermittent rain showers made it hard to dry things completely...

We ended up falling asleep a little after 10 PM and I am so sleepy today that I may just keep it to a bare minimum tonight and go to be very early. Now, if only the sun wouldn't be shining brightly through our bedroom window it would probably be easy to fall asleep early!

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