Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gardening Update

The garden is doing okay... It hasn't really been warm enough for it to really take off yet, but I still have high hopes that it will produce great vegetables and herbs.
The herb garden. The cilantro has really taken off... I have already used quite a bit of cilantro and a little oregano. They were both very tasty!
The strawberry plants are starting to come through. Most of the 20 that I planted made it, only a few didn't and the florist gave me a few extra roots for the price I paid, so it all evens out in the end!

The tomato, pepper & eggplant garden. The eggplants have taken off (only one died), the peppers are doing okay (one hot pepper died) and the tomatoes are also doing okay (one roma died and I replaced it with a beefsteak as there were no roma plants left...). I have noticed a large ant hill forming on the side of this box so I will have to pour a pot of boiling water on the hill to kill the ants.

The seed garden is not doing great. The zucchini plant is going strong, and the pea pods are okay. The green beans are sparatic in which ones came up and I only have one type of lettuce that is through the dirt. I asked a co-worker of mine today (she is a great gardener) and she said that all the lettuce should be up by now... she said I could probably re-plant and still get an okay crop as the weather is so cold this spring.

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