Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dinner: Night Two

So William prepared Chicken Chow Mien last night for dinner. And he hasn't quite gotten the hang of cooking for two people because there was enough food to feed six adults. So, I am glad that he at least likes leftover chow mien!

I was able to choke down some rice and water chestnuts, but that was about it. And I usually love chow mien, so I was bummed that I wasn't able to eat it like usual.

But I did get a small portion of mint chocolate chunk ice cream and fresh strawberries to go down very good after working out at the club. If I could eat those for the next seven months I bet I would be happy (but I would weigh a TON!!!)


  1. Eat whatever sounds good and don't worry about it... Something is better than nothing! :) That's my thought, at least.

  2. hang in there! It will pass! With both f my daughters I was sick the entire 9 months- bedridden for 3! I thought I would die- I barely ate a thing!! But in the end when you have your baby- it is worth it all!!! tea, epecially mint and rasberry leaf help- and so does having some essential peppermint oil - dab a few drops on a cloth and put it to your nose when your feel sick- but really just hang in there!


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