Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Libby's Swimming Lessons

Libby finished her swimming lessons this past Saturday.  She definitely takes after her Daddy when it comes to swimming.  She is fairly fearless so far (especially in the baby pool) and I would like to keep her that way and keep her interested in learning to swim.  We must continue to take her to open swim at the pool in the future to keep her excited about swimming.

Here she is sitting on the top step of the hot tub waiting for class to start.  She isn't as fond of the hot tub as she is the baby pool, but that is okay because she really shouldn't be in water that warm anyways.

 It's almost like she is saying, "Look Momma, I'm swimming!"

If you notice in the photo all the other kids are by their parents in the water.  Not Libby.  She wanted to be off by herself basically the whole time.  Such an independent little girl.    When they were doing group activities, she would be in the center of the circle doing the activity.  Not sure if I have a girl who likes to be the center of attention (silly me, of course she likes that!) or if she just found herself in the center of the circle...

Here is her Certificate from class.  It says that she has impressive form, exceptional speed and truly fluid motion.  Her age group doesn't have to pass a certain number of tasks to move to the next level, they just get to have fun and play in the water. 

She loved swimming lessons and will be sad that we won't be attending every Saturday from here on out.  Next time they offer lessons we will have to sign her up again!

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