Monday, March 12, 2012

Dentist Appt Update

Libby's dentist appointment went better than I could have imagined.  They actually got to clean a few of her teeth and she sat so good for the entire appointment!  She even said "AAHHH" a couple times when they asked her to!  (They could tell we had been practicing at home...)

So happy to get that taken care of and for it to go so well!  I want her to be comfortable in the dentist's office when she goes for her cleanings.  I was never afraid of the office and I hope we can keep her the same way.

On a different note, she got the cutest haircut this weekend.  OMG she is such a cutie pie...  Hope to post a picture in the next couple days.  We cut it much shorter than previous because she won't let us comb it or put piggy tails in it anymore, so it needed to be more manageable.   I absolutely love it on her!

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