Friday, April 6, 2012

(CSA) Community Supported Agriculture

We decided to invest in a CSA this year.  I have a feeling I will not be spending a ton of time in our garden this summer and therefore we will not get a lot of fresh vegetables from it!  The added expense is something we feel can be justified this year.  Plus, we will get to try a whole bunch of vegetables that we are not familiar with and I have wanted to try one for the past 4 years or so anyways! 

We chose to go with Burning River Farm because they are a local farm (within 20 miles from our home) and while they are not certified Organic, they do practice "Certified Naturally Grown" (a grassroots alternative to the USDA Organic certification).  We don't eat all our foods in organic form, so we felt comfortable with this designation. 

While we do have to drive to Luck to get our delivery (pick ups are at Cafe Wren, a great place to eat) we seem to be there on a fairly regular basis anyways (not only to eat, but our holistic practitioner/chiropractor is located in the same building as well).  Plus, it is only 4 miles from our house so we could literally bike there if we wanted to.  Although, I am pretty sure I won't be doing much biking this summer with a newborn! 

I am so excited to begin getting boxes of vegetables and researching the ones we don't know about!  It will be fun to try all the new ways we can prepare these foods.  I see lots of great meals in our future this summer!

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