Friday, April 20, 2012

Mom's Night Off

I get a night off tomorrow! 

I am heading to a concert in the city with some girlfriends while William takes Libby to visit his family for the weekend. 

I am going to sleep in on Sunday.  Well, I will sleep as long as my bladder allows me to.  The baby loves to push on my bladder these days!

On a positive note, I am now at 32 weeks and the end is in sight.  Nervous anticipation is kicking in for the labor and delivery portion (as my midwife is leaving town right after my due date, so we are hoping I deliver early) and there is still so much to do before s/he makes their arrival!  The list of tasks to complete is started and it seems like everytime I check one off, two more that I forgot are added.  I will just keep plugging along, working on the items as I can find the energy.  Thankfully, my Mom is able to occasionally come over and help me catch up on things, so there is hope that the list will get done!

I am getting so excited to meet this little one!

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  1. Enjoy your night out tonight! :) And hang in there, so exciting that you've made it to 32 weeks :).


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